Independent evaluation of proposed medical treatment.

Our mission: delivery independent health reports for the best.

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Who we are

Highly experienced medical consultants

We are a group of highly experienced medical consultants from leading Western European universities. Our professor consultants ask for anonymity because of strong international relations and co-operations.

Money oriented world

In contemporary money-oriented word, in case of unfortunate incident as sudden disease we are offered of a wide range of different treatment, which are often not suitable for patient, but always the most profitable for the clinic owner.

Medical ethics

Bad treatment increases risk of disaster!

Medical treatment is the same good (commodity / product / service), like others which subject to the same forces of the market like other services, but as far as buying unnecessary goods causes no harm for us, submission to an unnecessary and expensive therapy carries many threats associated with the therapy (e.g. bigger surgery is usually always more risky than a smaller one), or increased risk of disaster after delaying the setup of proper therapy.

Unfortunately, the ethics of the medical profession has been replaced by omnipotent authorities’ inexorable laws of the market, what you are probably aware as a person who achieved success in your life.

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What we provide


We provide 100 % objective assessment; we have no obligation to any health organization, hospital or other provider of medical services.


When we have to inform about bad news, we do it directly, e.g. most cancers unfortunately are not curable, but only determine survival time is running out, though most doctors adopt the 5-year period of the disease as a cure without recurrence of the of what patients must be aware of.


Our council has never include any categorical statements, but only proposals of possible treatment often denominated in percentage of positive result of the proposed treatment.


The patient must bys also aware of their Quality of Life in the case of their disease, sometimes it is better to survive 6 months in relative comfort than 12 months in the hospital on the hospital bed under aggressive medical treatment.

Good or bad news but always in line with current medical knowledge and the best clinical practice.

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